Real Life ReDefined

After months of discussion we’ve agreed to change  Real Life Networking.  The Networking tag was only limiting what was possible. It put us into a box to be like any other 30-second commercial focused group while we tried to explain why we’re different. If you define yourself by how you are not like something else then you are probably more like that something else than you care to admit.

We had some deep conversations with our regulars and what people want, what will make a Real Life Meeting unmissable. The list is very specific:

  • Personal/Self/Business Development
  • Low key accountability
  • Learn new skills from outside speakers – would like us to focus on top 3 challenges voiced by members such as prospecting, IT, etc.
  • A comfortable place to share your story, a trusting environment
  • A place where hard and engaging questions get asked

I found it interesting how seldom “meet new people to sell to” came up in the conversations.

So, we decided to just do our own thing as we see fit: once a month mastermind, once a month smart speaker from outside, once a month internal training. Furthermore,  since we decided that providing a place for meeting and greeting masses of potential business associates and/or customers is worth cultivating as a service to the larger business community we decided to have a once a month hard-core networking, and a party at least once a quarter.

Comment below if you are looking for more information.

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