Automation vs. Relationships – Newsletter Edition

This week’s interview is with my very good friend Dave Smith, AKA SuperDaveSmith. Dave and I have had some really deep conversations about leadership, blogging, direct sales, life…you name it. He is head of a division of SendOutCards that is adding the tangible, heartfelt touch to the CRM’s that can too easily cause default to … Read moreAutomation vs. Relationships – Newsletter Edition

Why Wimps Don’t Sell – Part 3 – How Far Is Too Far in Selling?

The One Who Went Too Far Several years ago my wife and I were having a weekday lunch together. It was a period of endless responsibilities in our lives, so weekday lunches for us were rare.  On this occasion we made the mistake of taking a table next to a chamber of commerce rep. I’ll … Read moreWhy Wimps Don’t Sell – Part 3 – How Far Is Too Far in Selling?

Forget about prospecting and do this instead

A new prospecting formula

Gayle is a Realtor in Kalamazoo who has changed the rules of prospecting In 2007 her business was 35% referrals; now her business is practically 100% referrals. She typically closes 50 homes per year, every year, and does it without mass mailing, billboards, ad buys, or any kind of mass marketing. In fact, she has … Read moreForget about prospecting and do this instead