Hi, I’m Michael Stammer

This is my “about me” page. (They said I needed one.)

Let’s start with a few facts about me.

1. The first U.S. president that I was aware of was Dwight D. Eisenhower so I’m no spring chicken.

2. On the other hand I still run 15 to 30 miles a week, do regular weight training, and yoga so I’m very much still in the game..

3. My first job was cleaning up around our grocery store.

4. I live in Arlington, Texas with my wife Vicki (AKA The Muse) and a collection of rescue dogs and cats who I am certain refer to me alternately as “food guy” or “walk man/door man”

5. As you might guess from the picture I am a big Dr. Who fan.

OK, enough of that.

You are probably wondering….
“Is this Stammer guy worth my time and attention?”

It will help if you understand that I am a coach and that I mainly work with entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and corporate workers who are committed to making a positive difference in the world – they want to play a bigger game.  (Professionally I do have some chops – you can check them out here.)

Note: Michael Stammer is not accepting coaching clients at this time.

You might also be thinking…

“A coach is only for people who can’t figure stuff out on their own”


“This guy seems to be a lot about sales, so it doesn’t apply to me.”

Three very good questions which I will answer

“Are you worth my attention?”

Maybe. Maybe not.

I am not worth your attention if your are willing to stay exactly where you are and keep getting exactly what you are getting. There is nothing wrong with that. It’s just that most people don’t need a coach to do something they are already doing as well as they want.

I am not worth your attention if you want a cheerleader who is going to handle you like a snowflake.  I don’t do that.  I help you get results by learning new ways to do things. You are going to be quite uncomfortable a lot of the time working with me because that is where the growth is. It won’t stay that way all the time, but it will certainly happen enough that you will feel it.

I am not worth your attention if you think you need someone with all the answers. I have experience – lots of it. Sometimes I can tell you exactly what you need to do. The real magic happens when I can get you to execute on something that is obvious but a challenge. But a lot of the time we are discovering new territories together.

“Isn’t a coach just for people who can’t figure stuff out on their own?”

This is the point where you expect me to list a lot of professionals who are great at what they do and still have a coach. I’m not gonna do that because you probably already know that.  You may just want to try things on your own for a while and learn it the hard way. If you are willing to check you ego at the door, I can help you. If not, that’s OK. I’m just not the guy for you.

“You seem to be a lot about sales, so it doesn’t apply to me.

Right here I am supposed to tell you about all the situations where you have to convince people of ideas whether that be a boss, a peer, or an employee. “Everybody is selling something”, right?

OK, fine. Probably true but who cares.

What is deeply true about “selling” is that, at its highest level, it is about people exploring problems, finding satisfactory solutions, and enrolling other people in the application of the solutions. In product and service sales there is an exchange of monetary value. But the real “sale” occurs in a person’s mind when they are willing to look at the truth and do something about it with you.

Curiously, when I was doing sales training and later focused on coaching I found that there was little difference between the way I had been selling successfully for years and what I was learning to do as a coach. As your coach what I teach you to do, whether you are a leader or a salesperson, is to comprehend yourself and your fellow human in ways that moves you both to resolving a problem.

So, yeah, I am a sales guy.

And it does apply to you.

Do you think it’s worth talking?

If you do, then send an email to mstammer at gmail dot com and tell me what you have in mind.

Do you want to just hang around and check things out?

I’m fine with that. I suggest you start with the how to use the site page.  Feel free to help yourself, stay as long as you wish. If you like what you find here I strongly recommend that you subscribe to my newsletters here.