Preparing for Coaching

Getting Started

The links for getting on my calendar are at   You may want to bookmark the page for easy access. For obvious reasons there is no link in this site to the client scheduling page, so please keep it private.

Something that will help us get in sync quickly is a questionnaire that kind of sets the tone for our work. If you have a few minutes you can get to it here. (It will open in a pop-up window, and it does not have to be done in one sitting.)

Your First Coaching Call

You may come to your first coaching call without preparing, if you wish. Coaching can be equally effective with or without preparation (at least in my experience), but many clients enjoy ‘getting ready’ for coaching, so I encourage you to prepare if you would like. The steps and suggestions below should help. Please feel free to email me whatever you prepare so that I can come to quickly understand you and what you most want both in life and out of our coaching together.

Write down a list of twenty or more things you are tolerating.

Most clients want to get busy on their goals right away, but I often recommend they first start (or concurrently work on) what they are putting up with. In my experience, it’s hard to create new stuff when you are being drained by stuff (i.e., tolerations).

Make a list of the five outcomes you want to enjoy within the next ninety days.

What do you most want to have happen in your personal and/or professional life within 90 days? What is going to make the biggest difference to you? What will have made your coaching worthwhile? Please be as specific and as measurable as possible. Please select outcomes which are doable and which do not depend on others to occur.

Identify one or more of the 100-point checklists to focus on.

Most clients like working on one or more of the Client Programs, such as Clean Sweep, Personal Foundation, Attraction, or New Business Startup. Some of these programs will strengthen you and your life (Personal Foundation); others will guide and direct you (New Business Startup); others will train you (Communication Faults and Certified Communicator). Pick one or several of these Client Programs – they will provide a focus and support structure between your coaching sessions. Then “take the test(s)” and let me know your current score(s).

Here are a few other programs that you will tie in to the ones above:

Write down three fundamental changes you need to make in order to become more successful.

You probably already know these, and it is good to articulate them. So simple. Please share them with me.

Ask your friends and family what they feel you could/should work on with your coach.

I ask that you do this for two reasons. First, your family and friends know you and have a perspective on you that is hard to have about yourself, so it’s very valuable to know what they are thinking about your work and life. Second, I find it to be extremely helpful to tell people you have a coach and are coaching. Some clients want to keep this a secret (and I can understand why), but I have found that clients progress faster when they share with others what they are working on, changing, improving, creating – and this includes having a coach. Sharing creates synergy and support. Secrets keep the energy restricted.