The New SendOutCards

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 “What the heck happened to the SendOutCards site?”

As we move into fall and the busiest part of the year in card and gift sending many people are contacting me and asking  “What the heck happened to the SendOutCards site?”

It’s all good. Still, if you are used to the old system things are likely confusing so I’m doing this page to highlight the changes. (If you need some help just email me at mstammer at gmail dot com.)

So, let’s get into it:

Why the changes?

The original SendOutCards site was built on a Flash platform nearly 15 years ago. It was great at the time but tech has marched on and Flash has become antiquated – in fact all support for Flash is going to cease soon.

Since the site needed a total rewrite this was a good time to start building for the next 20 years so we can do things that just were not possible on the old platform.

The New Bundles/Subscriptions

If you are used to the SendOutCards site before April 2018 you will notice that in the new subscriptions there are NO MORE POINTS to buy and spend down. You can just pay as you go with the option to purchase monthly subscriptions for additional discounts and advanced features.

According to a recent company bulletin (10/29/18) 50% of all new accounts have signed up at the $97 (Premium) or $147 (Enterprise) level. These two subscriptions both offer UNLIMITED INDIVIDUAL SEND CARDS at no additional cost (card and postage included). The Enterprise also includes 100 GROUP SEND cards for just the cost of postage.

Note: Because of the huge number of legacy users the company has designed the transition so that people on the old system of points and expense can continue that way. While we do expect a price increase in 2019, pricing for legacy users will not change until then.

Rather than try to repeat everything that is on the SendOutCards site let me refer you to the appropriate SendOutCards page where you will find detailed descriptions.

The New Platform

The old SendOutCards platform is rapidly being phased out. All of your contacts, custom cards, campaigns, pictures and so on from your account will most likely have been migrated by this time. As the system is tuned up and bugs are “killed” the features you are used to are mostly available now along with many new abilities too numerous to detail here. I post feature and bug updates here.

To better understand how the pieces of the site work I recommend you look at the updated tutorials.

If you will give it a chance you will find that the new platform and editor are really much easier to use than the old one. Please, just go in and try it out. When I just let go of “the way I used to do it” everything kind up lightened up and it became a lot more fun.

Referral Partners

“Distributors” are now referred to as “Referral Partners” (RP) which is, in my opinion, a better description of what I do. I don’t actually “distribute” anything so much as refer people to a service that I think is totally cool. The annual RP fee is still $59, one of the best business entry points in the direct sales industry.

This page is my private understanding of the current status of the
SendOutCards offering. Other than being a Referral Partner I do not speak in an 
official capacity for the company and thus refer you to 
for the last word on things.