The 15-Minute Workday

This is one “From the Vault”. First Published  November 5, 2003 in the Coach’s Notes Newsletter This week’s article takes on special significance as we view recent events in both our own and our clients’ businesses and lives. A common theme I hear time and again is “overwhelm” – job, family, life – you name it … Read moreThe 15-Minute Workday

Dealing with the Monkey Brain

[Note: I saw my friend’s post online recently asking about meditation. As much as possible I’m staying off the “Book of the Face” thus this post.] I started meditating nearly 50 years ago in my early college years. I started with Transcendental Meditation (T.M.) back in the day. Did residence courses, learned how to help … Read moreDealing with the Monkey Brain

Fear and Depression Spiral… I Can Keep Getting Better Anyway

I found a wonderful quote today on my Momentum Chrome add-on… “When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this: you haven’t.” ~ Thomas Edison Ah, thank you universe. As is so often the case, the right message arrives when the student is ready. The past few days have been a powerful reminder about commitment, willingness, … Read moreFear and Depression Spiral… I Can Keep Getting Better Anyway

Full or Fulfilled?

“Habu Hachi Bu” (eat until you are only 80% full)
~ Confucius

Several years ago I coached a very successful businessman (I’ll call him James) who shared a deeply telling comment from his wife.

“Just how much is enough, James?”

He had a great life, a fat bank account, a devoted family, extensive social circle, community respect, good health, and … never quite enough business. A classic American striver.

Read moreFull or Fulfilled?