Monkey Brain and Gratitude

People keep asking when I’ll write the book. Maybe they think that writing it down might tame the insanity that keeps leaking out in our conversation.

Nah. I don’t think that will work. If anything, it will just encourage the emergent madman.

So, I just decided to let it out in front of a camera. Probably a bad idea, but what the heck.

Patience Hell. I’m gonna kill something.

Planning and Strategy Only Matter If You Execute

It’s really easy to get trapped in a strategy loop.

Sometimes we just need a push onto the field. You may not feel ready but the simple truth is that you need to get onto the field or all that strategy is just intellectual exercises.

My own professional life encompassed theatre, dance, and sales. Each of these arenas requires a lot of work if you want to be really good.

As a dancer I trained every day to be sure that my body was ready. I rehearsed and rehearsed to be sure that I fully knew and could execute every lift and turn and jump and movement across the stage. It was a lot of fun and it was totally demanding. I tested my mind, my body, my emotions to their limits. But at the end of the day, it was about that performance in front of a full theatre of patrons which determined whether we were going to be paid.

Avoid the strategy loop

What you have to learn in sales is also immense. You have to be a prospector, a psychologist, a strategist, a diplomat. Sometimes, you’re even a marriage counselor.

And that’s just the people side.

You also have to know your product, its relative strengths and weaknesses. If you are selling, and you consider yourself a professional, then you have a LOT to manage. The more complex your sale – multiple decision makers/levels, highly competitive market, etc. – the more you have to think and act strategically.

Like the dancer, it has to happen out on the stage or it’s just an intellectual practice. Planning and strategizing might be nice and fun – even safe – but no payday.

Do your practice. Learn your lines. Know the plays, know the choreography. But to achieve mastery  you need to  GET OUT THERE AND PLAY!

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