Automation vs. Relationships – Newsletter Edition

This week’s interview is with my very good friend Dave Smith, AKA SuperDaveSmith. Dave and I have had some really deep conversations about leadership, blogging, direct sales, life…you name it. He is head of a division of SendOutCards that is adding the tangible, heartfelt touch to the CRM’s that can too easily cause default to … Read moreAutomation vs. Relationships – Newsletter Edition

Automation vs. Relationships

Back in the day before sales automation, we built relationships using index cards, pens, and the telephone. We would send letters, notes, and sales material. Other than walking in the door, that pretty much was our tool kit. We made it work well because it was what we had. And WE worked IT. Then ‘sales … Read moreAutomation vs. Relationships

Why Wimps Don’t Sell – Part 3 – How Far Is Too Far in Selling?

The One Who Went Too Far Several years ago my wife and I were having a weekday lunch together. It was a period of endless responsibilities in our lives, so weekday lunches for us were rare.  On this occasion we made the mistake of taking a table next to a chamber of commerce rep. I’ll … Read moreWhy Wimps Don’t Sell – Part 3 – How Far Is Too Far in Selling?