Automation vs. Relationships – Newsletter Edition

This week’s interview is with my very good friend Dave Smith, AKA SuperDaveSmith.

Dave and I have had some really deep conversations about leadership, blogging, direct sales, life…you name it. He is head of a division of SendOutCards that is adding the tangible, heartfelt touch to the CRM’s that can too easily cause default to digital rather than people-talking-to-people relationships. Listen and learn.

Here are some bullet points for you to sample. Think of them as appetizers. You will find a full course of juicy stuff in the interview and on my blog.

  • As people shift to digital systems – CRM’s – to manage their client relationships, they often try to turn all their relationships digital. This is a mistake.
  • The top salesperson in any team is always the one with the best relationships, not the the one with the best digital system.
  • The top salespeople use tools to execute their plan and their system. They don’t expect the tool to do the job for them.
  • A well-designed CRM includes tangible touches (that little bit of Human Heart which makes things personal and real).
  • A well-used CRM gives the seller/account manager critical information that can be used to deepen the personal relationship.
  • When a CRM is over-used (i.e., when the fact that you are using it is apparent), it actually works against you.

Listen to the interview here.

Go to the longer blog article here.

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