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Today in a Facebook Gardening group a member lamented the wanton removal of years of her landscaping and garden work by the purchasers of her home:

“That moment you drive by your house you just sold a few weeks earlier and everything you ever planted and loved is ripped out and gone!!!”

Trees, picket fence, roses, arbor… all gone.

I was touched by the outpouring of sympathy from my fellow gardeners. As was to be expected there were outcries of anger and judgement but on the whole the responses were mostly of regret for the loss of the beauty.

I do not know why the plantings were destroyed. I know nothing of the life, health, or sensitivities of the new owners. But I do have this to say, which is what I posted on the group, and I want it here as well:

Shaking my head. Sad. I think it’s best just never to go back.

When I choose to (or have to) move on, this place I have loved and nurtured for years will be passed on to another’s hands. It then will be their life and their choices. As gardeners we will each face that day. Let’s rejoice in the growing and loving now, in the garden we have to tend however large or small. Whatever dirt we have or plant we are tending now, that is what we are about.


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