Sometimes things suck. Here’s what to do about it.

Sometimes it sucks.

It just does. No matter how hard you try to keep your fecal matter in one pile it just does not want to stay put. Each plan gets derailed. Creative juices run dry. Goals get stalled. Tempers flare.

Yeah, it sucks.

I admit that I don’t handle it as well as I’d like. This is when my simmering anger (like Dr. David Bruce Banner/the Hulk, “I’m always angry”) turns into controlled rage. All my skill and wisdom goes into shut down mode. The “Coach” becomes just another crappy player having a rotten streak.

This is when I remind myself that sometimes the only path out of the swamp is through the swamp. Until you find the other way.

Then, you’re out of the swamp.¬†Until you aren’t.

There will always be another swamp. Another time when you are just another crappy player having a rough streak trying to figure out how the hell it happened again.

It happened again because that’s just how life works. All you can do is try to get a little better at handling it each time.

So I turn green for a while. I try not to smash stuff. And just start walking through that BLEEPING swamp again. Until I find some sunlight and dry ground.

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3 thoughts on “Sometimes things suck. Here’s what to do about it.”

  1. well perhaps Michael – even your choice of colors might be a touch off for any particular swamp that you are traipsing through – even within the confines of a single swamp I have on occasion seen many variations in colors and saturations of those colors as well darks and lights as well –

    being more attuned to the actual colors of the swamp or wherever or whatever you are going through will always help to be in sink and get through – and perhaps see that there is more often than not anything that you have been working on that “sucks” but simply that you have not been able to see yet – perhaps because you may be looking for your answers too quickly:

    the slower you go
    the faster you get to where you want to go
    because if you are enjoying where you are
    you don’t have to go anywhere

  2. No argument here. Even when things seem to be going pear-shaped there are lessons to be learned and perfections to be noticed. My green-hued self is the reminder, and – thankfully – the trigger to look for the light, the lesson and, yes, even the beauty in the circumstances.

    But the green guy’s there, so I just use him and manage him. Think Captain America saying “And you….. um… SMASH!”


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