Success Rubrics – Why They Matter

Do we really need to listen to the success rubrics? 6 examples of why we do.

I have spent a lot of time reading and listening to “gurus” and such, and it often seems like a lot of same old same old. Same old stories.

Same old rubrics of success.

You know why that is? It’s because success leaves clues. (There’s another of those rubrics.) Nevertheless, I really love it when a few guys and gals are willing to go on the record that they don’t have the secrets of success but that they have a pretty good system for digging them out.

Last week I watched a video interview with Tommy Mello.

I had never heard of him…well, maybe I had heard a little. He has one of those names that you think you’ve heard before whether you actually have or not. With a name like Tommy Mello you know the guy is probably interesting regardless.

Here was the inner dialog I had when deciding whether to take the time to listen to the interview:

“He wrote a book – Home Service Millionaire.”

Yeah. A lot of people have written books. Anything else?

“He bought a garage door business that was $50K in debt.”

OK. Entrepreneur and risk taker. Probably a bit crazy. Tell me more….

“12 years later he has 250 employees and does $30 million in annual sales in 12 states.”

OK. Now you’ve really got my attention!

So what does this guy do? How did he get there?

Here are six nuggets from the interview: (Brace yourself. Rubric alert!)

  1. WIIFM: Always think in terms of the customer’s “What’s In It For Me.”
  2. Serve your customers so they become raving fans.
  3. Treat people like individuals. This applies to customers, to vendors, in fact, to everyone. Let them know you truly know them and care for them, and they will keep you Top of Mind.
  4. Get smarter: Learn from your own mistakes. Even better, read books and “buy consultants.” That means hiring smart people who can keep you from making mistakes.
  5. Know your numbers.
  6. Know how to delegate so the right stuff gets done, on time, and is done right.

I will be reading a lot more and probably will be buying some consultants. I really don’t have time to make a lot more mistakes on my own.

The whole interview with Tommy is here.

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