Who’s your Mommy? How about me?

A long, long time ago, a training colleague commented that everyone in sales – I would say everyone in business – eventually reaches a place where they are…

“sitting on the curb sucking their thumb saying ‘I want my mommy!'”

There is no shame in it. Everyone gets there eventually. The important thing is to find someone who can help you through it.

Today I made an offer in Facebook to anyone who is on that curb and needs some help moving ahead. No takers so far – I am sure they don’t think I really mean it. Which is OK. Frankly, the idea of me as your mommy is … kind of creepy. Very creepy, actually.

But the offer was real. It is so easy to lose huge chunks of time and energy trying to pull ourselves out of a funk when a helping hand is all that is needed. Stop trying to be so tuff and get some help.

I’m setting up a scheduling template to make the offer again, next time I have some free space.

If you want to know about it, go to my CoachMichael Facebook page. Like and follow so you will know when the offer is live.

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