Full or Fulfilled?

“Habu Hachi Bu” (eat until you are only 80% full)
~ Confucius

Several years ago I coached a very successful businessman (I’ll call him James) who shared a deeply telling comment from his wife.

“Just how much is enough, James?”

He had a great life, a fat bank account, a devoted family, extensive social circle, community respect, good health, and … never quite enough business. A classic American striver.

The fact is that for James it wasn’t really about the money so much as it was about power and influence. But the experience and his wife’s question echoes on.

Just how much is really enough? For James? For you?

I’m going to seem to take a detour here but stay with me, it will be a short and useful digression.

A few weeks ago during an ice storm I decided to try out a variety of bread recipes. Here is the result.

Sourdough Rye & friends
Sourdough Rye & friends

Since then I’ve baked more of the rye bread because it is one of the most satisfying breads I have ever experienced. The blend of flavors – fennel, caraway, orange peel, rye, whole wheat, molasses, sourdough – and the perfect texture fill your palate. One slice and you experience complete and full delight.

One slice.

One slice
One slice

And you want no more.

This sourdough rye bread is not about getting full, it is about fulfilment. One slice is plenty because it is exactly what is wanted.

One slice is enough to satisfy.

It is all that is needed.


So, how much is enough? Are you filling up on “empty calories” trying to scratch an itch instead of doing, finding that simple, perfect thing and enjoying just enough of that, every day?

Are you chasing full or savouring fulfilment?

Michael Stammer is a Sales | Life | Performance coach available for individual and group coaching and speaking to organizations. For more visit www.coachmichael.com

2 thoughts on “Full or Fulfilled?”

  1. The bread looks AMAZING. The message, truly satisfying. Thank you for this wonderful reminder.

  2. Mmmm… Bread. Now I want the recipe. Also… This is good food for thought (pardon the pun) around healthy eating. How much does it take to satisfy? Answer: there’s never enough if I don’t pay attention.

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