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I’ve decided to go to short form with my weekly Relationship Marketing Newsletter. While I love to write, let’s be clear: emails are not literature. If you want my long form stuff I’ll keep it here on the blog. (I strongly recommend it. It’s JUICY!!)

Right now, here are 5 bullet points for your edification from an interview with Lee Salz, author of Differentiation, done last week:

  1. It doesn’t matter what you are selling.There is always going to be a conversation about price. The potential buyer is always asking themselves, “Is there enough value here to justify the price that has just been put in front of me?”
  2. When you differentiate about what you sell, be sure it is something that matters to the buyer. Is it relevant to the people who matter? Will it get them excited? (There is a great story about dog poop in the interview. See the special offer below.*)
  3. Create a relationship before you start asking people for things in return. (Give. Give. Give. Give. Give. Give. Then ask.)
  4. The biggest obstacle is not price, it is fear. (See my blog post about exactly that subject in buying/selling.)
  5. I would be a billionaire if I could teach genuine. You either are, or you’re not.

Listen to the interview here

* SPECIAL DOG POOP OFFER: The first person who replies to this email telling me to the minute the place in the interview where the poop story is gets a free copy of The Power of Human Connection by Kody Bateman.

Update: We had three correct entries and I went all Oprah and EVERYBODY got a book! Congratulations to Jonas Bull, Linda Noder, and Natalie Dickey.


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