How to Compete With the Internet

The way marketers are positioning themselves these days, you would think that the time of the face-to-face sale is over. They have lots of evidence for their case. Amazon’s sales in 2018 totaled $141.92 billion after all. The real truth is that projections show e-commerce sales are expected to reach just 12.4 percent of total retail sales … Read more How to Compete With the Internet

Who’s your Mommy? How about me?

A long, long time ago, a training colleague commented that everyone in sales – I would say everyone in business – eventually reaches a place where they are… “sitting on the curb sucking their thumb saying ‘I want my mommy!’” There is no shame in it. Everyone gets there eventually. The important thing is to … Read more Who’s your Mommy? How about me?

Be someone’s biggest mistake!

Be someone's Biggest Mistake!

Manny and I had not talked for years. He was my sales manager over thirty years ago when I was still a pretty green rookie in Dallas repping for an accounting company.  We had just taken a Facebook chat offline and were sharing memories of  old friends and colleagues, living and dead, and telling the … Read more Be someone’s biggest mistake!