“I gave you a large…”

I was at a local Corner Bakery yesterday early for a casual business meeting. The tiny young lady behind the counter, who was clearly struggling with a large order, looked up briefly and said “I’ll be right with you.”

It was part apology, part entreaty. Clearly she was new or under unusual stress. I simply said, “No problem. I’m in no hurry.” A few moments later, as she was trying to get the flaps of the carryout box to line up I said, “Are you breathing?”

She slowed, almost imperceptibly, and said, “trying….”

In short order she was ready to take my order. Before I ordered a regular hot chai I said, “You know, you are really doing just fine.”

I almost got a smile as she hustled off to make my drink.

I gave you a large so you can enjoy it longer.

When she brought it to me she came around the corner and smiled a big smile at me saying “I gave you a large so you can enjoy it longer.”

“Thank you.”

I am still smiling.

I often think of Vicki Stammer (AKA The Muse) at moments like this. She has a knack for bringing a bit of sunlight everywhere she goes. When I told her about the tiny young lady and the large chai The Muse said, “We just need to be more kind. Like they told you in Sunday school. Do that!”

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Header photo by Daniel/W3155Y used under Creative Commons License.
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3 thoughts on ““I gave you a large…””

  1. I always like the quote about “always be kind” because everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. (Or something like that). Nice to see you showing up in my FB feed again. xoxo

  2. I love this. Y’all have always been kind. It’s why you and Vicki are always my “favorite customers”!


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