I love those guys!

Part of the price of watching some of our favorite television programs or events – even on services like Hulu – is that you have to wait through the “limited commercial interruptions ” (“limited” being a purely subjective term in this case). I respond to these commercials the same way I do with broadcast TV: I know EXACTLY where the mute button on the remote is and I’m really fast on the trigger.

A notable exception to this is the Frost Bank commercials. (Frost is a Texas bank that is FROM here. Note that if you really are FROM Texas, that is how you say it, with the emphasis on the “FROM” part of the sentence, not on the “HERE” or the “TEXAS” or on any other part. Just so’s you know.) Frost’s ONLY commercial “interruption” comes before the start of a show on Hulu. It consists solely of mellow guitar music with a text message against Frost’s understated brand colors. The message reads, essentially, “We bought all the commercials in this show, but we’re just going to run this short notice because we value our customers and never want to waste your time. Now, enjoy your show…commercial free.”

It makes me want to just hit the pause button and run out and find a local Frost branch and bring the donuts. I’m not even a customer, and I love those guys. I actually look forward to their commercial because of how it makes me feel.

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