How To Stand Out In A Competitive Market – Newsletter Edition

Kat McEntee owns a talent agency in Kentucky from which she represents actors and models across the country. Her’s is a VERY competitive industry – for her agency and for her talent.

Kat focuses a lot on child talent. In addition to training them how to do the technical side of the business like auditions, she teaches them how to build relationships. She also teaches this by example.

Here are a few bullets from her interview:

  • Don’t wait for something to just come to you.Differentiate yourself. Make a list of people with whom you want to work. Figure out what they have done, what they are doing, what they care about. Then reach out.
  • Cards and notes transform your business when it’s all personal, i.e., not promoting your business. Make it about the other person. When you do it enough – not stalking but for actual reasons like they won an award or something – they begin to think maybe they know you or they worked with you. You are top of mind when they need what you have to offer.
  • December and January are traditionally slow in her business. After 1 year of focusing on just relationships by sending cards and gifts revenue doubled in December and tripled in January over the previous year. Kat did nothing else different.

This is all about the long game.

Read a recent article about the long game title Referral Tree.

You can catch the entire interview with Kat here.

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