We will forget you – Newsletter Edition

“We will forget you.” For the most part, your customers won’t tell you out loud, to your face, that they will forget you. They will, though. I’ll tell you why. It’s because the only time they hear from you is during your ‘selling season’, the time when you are delivering your product or service. While … Read moreWe will forget you – Newsletter Edition

We Will Forget You

“We Will Forget You.” That’s what I told a friend in a networking group. He is a CPA and, like most good CPAs, was utterly swamped during the first quarter of the year. As I was then president of the group, he was letting me know that he probably would not be able to make … Read moreWe Will Forget You

Success Formula – Newsletter Edition

Here’s a simple success formula: I + G + A = S It starts with Intention – this is what’s in your head when you wake up in the morning. Add Goals and Action, and the result is Achievement (Success). In selling, this is what the formula would look like: Get up in the morning … Read moreSuccess Formula – Newsletter Edition